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The Colonial Seaport Foundation

Preserving America's Maritime History

Since 2007, the Colonial Seaport Foundation has been established as a maritime educational organization. The purpose of the CSF is to preserve facets of America’s colonial (17th-18th Century) maritime heritage by providing historically accurate information and education to the public. Join us to ensure that the history of our maritime heritage is preserved for the future.

Our areas of interest and expertise include life in coastal and maritime communities, life aboard a vessel of the period, common trades within the maritime community, and coastal transportation along the Atlantic Seaboard. Working either alone or in cooperation with other organizations or local communities, the CSF intends to display and demonstrate the operation of vessel(s), equipment, tools, procedures, skills and lifestyles used or experienced within the maritime community. Depending on the type of event conducted or supported, historically authentic equipment, dress and speech will be used as much as possible.

The education will take place on shore and aboard a replica of an early 18th Century coastal trading sloop, which the CSF is currently rebuilding from a bare hull. A curriculum will be established to provide pier side education, classroom lectures and possibly underway field trips for students and interested citizens or organizations. Parts of the curriculum will cover selected topics from the Standards of Learning published by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

From a geographic perspective, the primary focus of the CSF's efforts will normally be within the Middle Atlantic States.

Members of the organization are volunteers who have self-funded their efforts to date.

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Board of Directors

John Collamore, IV

Vice President
Pernell Taylor

Chip Collamore

Administrative & Support Staff

Arden Clark

Gayle Mosier

Laura Noel

Membership Assistant
Susan Lemieux-Cortez

Ann Flandermeyer

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